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    Hello everyone. Well I picked up a 2004 FXDP, Dyna Defender for a steal. I was recently stopped at a yield sign and the old lady behind me just decided she didn't want to wait and pushed me into the intersection. Luckily there was a cop behind her, still cant believe it happened. No major damage but I will need a new rear fender.

    My question is what years Dyna Rear fenders will bolt on this bike?
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    You might check with this member and his posting. He has your model and per his posting, the bike is completely stock. Bet he could answer your fender question.

    IMHO, the fender might well be the stock Dyna fender. The photos of the police Dyna that I could find on the web don't show the fender as its hidden behind the saddlebags.

    Good luck.


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    Thanks guys, I had already checked e-bay. I think any Dyna fender 2002-2005 fits, just wanted to be sure. Not sure about 2005. But I found a 2004 Lowrider fender on e-bay for $100
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    Seeing as how we're on back fenders, is it possible to retrofit an all steel back fender onto my '06 WGI?? The front half of mine is plastic, just lika an import. In the wind.

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    If this is The Bobbed rear fender I do not see why not, Tho the cut outs for wiring and or tail light mounting may need to be manipulated There should be some after market All steel fenders out there I would start with J & P Motorcycle Parts P Cycles