2003 vs 2013 road king tires

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  1. ponygal96

    ponygal96 New Member

    Would any one know if you can use with some modifications the tires
    and rim from a 2013 road king on a 2003 road king ?

    Thank you.
  2. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    No. Your rear tire is a 140, 2013 rear tire is a 180, so the rim is wider. Your axle is 1", 2013 is 25mm.
  3. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    You may be able to squeeze a 140 possibly a 150 under it if you do some trimming on the belt guard as is but the 2013 tire and rim are just too wide to fit into the swing arm. Not to mention the bearings, axle etc.
  4. Slo-Ryd

    Slo-Ryd Junior Member Contributor

    Not to split hairs but 2003 should've come with an MT90 which is a 130. I just put an MU85 (140) on the rear of my 03 E-Glide and still have enough room to fit a 150, BUT, it would start pushing the limits of proper bead sealing on the stock rear rim. The MU85 came stock on the rear of FLH models beginning in 2004 although i have had no issues when i just put one on two weeks ago on my 03. If you want to go wider on the rear, another option is to go to a Duece rear wheel with a 1-1/8" belt and pulley and stuff a 150-160 in there but it will be extremely tight up in the fender and runs the risk of the fender support bolts hittimg the tire when loaded down or riding 2-up.

    Also remember that every tire manufacturer isn't the same width, even though they both claim 140 for example, the actual cross section is different and may be slightly wider than another 140 from another brand.

    If you are looking at the 2013 wheels because you can get a deal on them, pass....... anything is possible with modification as you asked but i doubt it would be worth the trouble and investment to make it work. There is no way a 180 is going on the back without extensive mods.

    If you're just looking to go a little wider on the rear, consider one of my suggestions. They are tried and true solutions that have been succesfully attempted already :s
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