2003 sportster VOES and bank angle sensor

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    think I know the answer to half of this question but was working on a 03 sporty today and it starts only about 5% of the time, been this way since the guy bought it used.
    I cleaned the carb checked for spark and checked the battery conections, power to the coil and ignition module, and are all good, but the spark is weak.
    When removeing the carb I noticed there was no VOES, just the plug were it goes,

    Does the 03 have a voes?

    and were is the bank angle sensor?
  2. bikerfishman

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    Well I unpluged the triangle duech conector under the seat, red, black and white wires, and it started and ran fine, thought that was the wirring that went to the pulser coil in the nose cone but I guess its the BAS.

    The other wierd thing on this bike is it will gain miles on the odometer while just sitting at idle, got .4 miles while I was working on it in 2 days time.

    And FYI this sportster did not have a v.o.e.s.

    2003 hugger
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    something to check on these is the ignition module and rotor condition...Ive come across several no spark or weak spark bikes that I tracked back to corrosion on the ignition parts above...

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    Bikerfishman, you do have an interesting problem, it should not be the VOES anyway...


    But knowing the year of your bike, what is the condition of the ignition system...and age of the parts. Wires (being they are carbon/fiberglass in the earlier years), the strands do start breaking down after awhile, but then you want your radio to be "static free"...