2003 Road King Missing @ 2300rpms

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by chromeInvested, Nov 10, 2008.

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    I have a 2003 Road King FI that was running rough for a while. Brought it in and had the intake seals and breather tubes replaced. It has has a PCIII so I had it put on the Dyno at the same time.

    It runs 100% better but still misses at 2300 rpms regardless of the gear. It has also developed a noise when I downshift that sounds like a quick whistle from the front left side if the engine. It also happens when I quickly release the throttle. The harder the downshift the louder the whistle. It is very short and sharp but difinatly there.

    Any thoughts on either of these issues?
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    As a quick test before doing as Hobbit suggests, I saw a suggestion that Glider posted on another potential exhaust leak problem. With some beefy gloves or even a thick wad of rags, cover the exhaust pipes to see if you can hear an exhaust leak. Just do this momentarily, not for a long period. This may not localize the leak for you, but if you get the same (although faint at idle) noise or another noise that sounds like a leak it will confirm the problem and reinforce the need to find that as opposed to a different problem.