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2003 FLHTP police bike


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hey new Harley owner here i recently purchased an 03 FLHTP police bike and i have a few questions. first is there a passenger seat that i can use in conjunction with the air ride seat that comes on a police edition bike or will i have to change the whole setup. second my bike has the front fairing on it with no radio, does anyone know if there is a wiring harness already there or will i have to run all my own wires? any help would be great
I don't know of any passenger seat available to use with the air ride seat , probably end up removing the seat if you want to carry a passenger.

The harness should be available if it isn't there now which I doubt from the dealer.
Ill ask the guy at work he has a 05 police bike and he put a seat on that still worked with the orginal so his wife could ride with him