2003 fatboy resurection project

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    Thanks all for your help in my resurection project. A quick update & now a question on codes.

    1 - Cleaned & re-lined the tank
    2 - Replaced everything inside the tank. It was all gunked with what used to be gasoline & the fuel line was going to leak at some point soon, from rubbing against the tank
    3 - Fuel pump died somewhere in the past 7 years the bike was sleeping

    Got a computer code - When I picked up the fuel pump, I noticed the local dealer had a scanner for sale. I bought it and quickly found a code.
    ECM CAL ID 32830-01.
    What does this mean? I looked it up online but came up empty.
    The bike runs beautifully right now. Should I worry? I cleared the code and has not come back up...yet.
    My guess is it developed the code when I was trying to start the bike but all seems to be fine now that the bike is running again.

    Thanks again for any help.