2003 fatboy/fi dtc codes

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by mwsanford, Jan 18, 2008.

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    can anyone give me correct procedure for accessing dtc codes on 2003 fatboy/fi.
    i've tried useing the hold tripmeter button in while turning on ign switch.
    i get d01-d10clr with each push of trip meter then i get ppu, push it again and i get 82388. i never get psst which i believe is what i'm supposed to get.
    i've trie the off on off on push left turn signal then push right turn signal once and get one flash,press again and get 2 flashes,press again and get 3 flashes, press left turn signal twice to get error codes. i get none.
    my check engine light comes on for approx. 8 seconds after it goes out when you initialy turn on bike.
    please help.
    bike will not start.
    the only thing i've done recently was replace led fuel gage which was warrenty replacement and bike was turned off.
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    Darkknight has given you the correct procedure for checking the codes. They must be followed to the letter to work properly . If the light is lit after start up and goes out then, it's a historic code. If you aren't getting the code readout, you aren't doing the procedure correctly.
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    Hi MW Welcome to the forum.
    Best have a look at "The Doctors" section.