2003 Dyna transmission

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    Does anyone know if I can swap out my five speed for a six speed? A friend said that he thought I could just unbolt the five speed, slide it out, and bolt in a new six speed. I like the thought of a taller gear on the road. If so how much are we talking for the six speed swap? I do all my own maintenance, grew up in a shop. Think I could take it on?

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    YES you can.... JUST un-bolt and install a 6 speed.... USING the HD manual with the DO's and DON'Ts
    TQ and Kemo (moderators) I think HAVE a lot of POST on this subject....

    I would find a post by them(ANY) and CLICK on their name and look under THEIR POST and find dwhat you want to read.. ALSO up on the top right side of HDT, you can type in 6 speed trany and probably find something.. OR look under the topic TRANSMISSION on the main page...

    LOTS and LOTS of information here to sort thru...

    YOU can look up BAKER 6 speeds on the net or HERE?
    and get information...the bakers are around 3000$ and MANY other ways to go tho'...HARLEY also makes a 6 speed trans box to replace your stock 5 speed box...I think 2500 to 3600 is about average price... STICK WITH THE SUGGESTED ONES THAT THE KNOWLEDGEABLE MEMBERS HERE SUGGEST....

    I did a conversion JUST the gears in my 2000 dyna and it did GREAT... WAY BACK 2001... I use redline shockproof heavy in the trany ONLY...

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    It's so much easier to just insall the gear set, and only takes about 6 hrs plus it saves you some money for more important stuff like women & beer.

    Here's the install for the S/E gear set:
    View attachment 6 speed gear set -J03483.pdf