2002 Softail Wiring Harness?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Halloran, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Anyone know where I can get a used or replacement wiring harness for a 2002 Fatboy? Mine needs a replacement with all the breakers too. Harley wants near $800.00 for a new harness not including labor to install it.


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    I guess the $800 dollar question is, what is messed up with your wiring harness, obviously not every single square inch of wiring and connectors and junctures are unrepairable. If you had a single wire with in the harness "smoke" you can "skin the main harness and dissect the bad bits and redo. Just be very methodical and follow the color code, routing and guage of wire carefully. As for connectors, there are so many different connectors that when you add things all up $800 is actually "cheap" given the amount of materials, labor and fixturing to build, test and ensure everything is a "drop in" plug and play replacement.

    Just be patient and disturb as little as possible except for the damaged areas with the intent of maintaining durable, moisture and corrosion resistant connections. Use heatshrink tubing whereever possible and use sealer to seal the ends and dielectric grease at the clean connector terminations after stripping splicing, crimping them properly.
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