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2002 Fat Boy FLSTFI


This is the bike my Uncle got for his wife, figuring it would be a good womans bike.Guess because it was smaller and easier to handle in city traffic. But he didn't check this out with her first before buying. She really likes it, everything but the seat. So he was wanting to know, how hard would it be to change this out? She constantly complains because she has no where to put things.
Well, if sit is the problem then I think it is better to check out with the Dealer and take their advise. That will be the best thing to do. They must be having some quick solutions to this problem because it can be an issue to many people.
Switching out seats is very simple and easy to do. If her problem is with reach (Mine is with a Fat Boy) HD offers what they call a "Reach Seat" that moves the rider forward and is more narrow at the front allowing smaller framed riders easier access to the controls and ground when stopped.

Bags are an easy way to add storage. You can choose from hard bags (HD, Corbin and others make these to fit per bike) or soft bags. Soft bags can be hard mounted or throw overs depending on how you set your bike up.

For a simple fix, consider going with a fork bag, or handlebar bag. Most dealers carry a neat handlebar bag that mounts to the bar and allows you to carry small items like glasses or gloves.

Daytona Gear offers several styles of Manetic Bags that simply stick to your tank. My wife used one of these for 2 yrs and it didn't harm the paint and always stayed in place. It also doubled as a purse for her once we got to where we were going. Most dealers carry these as well.

Hope this helps.