2001 FLHRI Police with EFI want to convert to Carb

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    Hello to all you smart folks, I have had this bike since 04, went to Iraq 04/05 then came home added stage 1 intake, sampson big gun pipes with full baffles. 9 months later went and added a USB Power Comander III and then in 08 thru 09, was deployed to afghanistan. I was sent home with several injuries from doing my job. I have had 4 surguries. So the Bike had fried the stator, replaced the 45 amp with the same, then have had to replace the Crank Pos Sensor, the Coil, the wires and plugs. all showed very weak readings and replaced, but still runs on the front cylonder. took off the Power Comander and now it runs, but weak and poor, like a honda 750 would out run me. I am wanthing to convert to Carb for I am tired of this EFI magneli junk box. Can anyone help me locate the kit to do this conversion. also I want to bump up to the 95 inch kit too.... Help please. I can not work on it just yet, doc says 8 to 10 weeks befor i can lift more than a half gal of millk.

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    Welcome aboard Tom, and most importantly, thank you for your service. :s I'm not sure what all is involved but I'm sure there will be some one to chime in here soon that has way more knowledge about the project than I do, so be patient.

    In the mean time, be sure to do what the doctors tell you so you can heal. :s

    Not sure if this helps, but I did find this from using the search box in the forum.

    07 efi to 06 carb conversion - Harley Davidson Community

    Just scanned the thread and its late, my mind isn't functioning the way I want, so I'm calling it a day. Hope that helps.