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2001 Electra Glide radio problem


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Hope you guys can help me with this one. My am/fm/ cassette radio comes on but I am getting nothing but static. It seems to have started when my stock battery finally died. Even with the radio off I am picking up static throught the speakers. Any ideas?
What are get about when you increase the volume tone?is there nothing or just quiet?

Just you said the problem started after the stock battery dead,it depends on why it went dead. If you left it on and listened to the radio or something like that, I would say just charge it and go more than twice. but if it goes dead on its own in a short period of time, you would need to check for a draw and also load test the battery to see what's up. Many folks have dumped a battery because of a draw in the electrical system only to find out that the battery wasn't the problem when the new one went dead too.

Radio problem was something big deal from Electra type.Many owner call it "little problem big repair".