2000 XL1200 head gasket ???

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Arger, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Hi guys, I new to the forum and new to the Sportys. I picked up a new to me 2000 xl1200 with only 8750 miles on it. I am going through the good and the bads right now is not to many until she finally got out for a run. When i first started the bike i found out the previous owner kept the oil topped off while it sat but didnt think about the oil draining down into the sump over time so i got alot of extra quarts of oil out of the first oil change.

    I would start the bike and let it idle for a minute and stop and drain the a quart or so of oil and repeat till the oil leveled out. Other than the usual things you need to due to a garage toy (clean carb,gas tank,change fluids) i have one issue. I think my head gasket is blown on the rear jug. At first i thought it was the rocker covers so i went to the dealership and got a new set and put them on. Well after a good cleaning it seems that the head gasket itself is leaking at the base of the head. Should i go back OEM on the head gaskets or is there an upgrade for this model that will offer better service life? I am guessing between the sitting up and the over filling of the oil the stock head gasket just couldnt take it.
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    Cometic Gasket, Inc. try these a very good product, Welcome to The Forum
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    thanks for the info Jack.

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    WHoooa ... I'd get a new top end gasket KIT, I'd replace both heads and cyl. gaskets, just to make sure they are Both the same..

    IF you go with a .030 gasket, you'll pick up a little more power from a tad bit more compression... Doubt you will need any adjustable PR BUT the stack height does change.. BUT better check there also..

    Drop the rubber "O" oil rings in the cylinders to case IF used. BUT check me out to make sure... this is suggested with the NEW gaskets.. Tc are now recommended to Not use them..

    Now that you have your work cut out for you, Let me know IF i was Right on anything I gave you to use..:D