2000 Harley Custom Hardtail Evo

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    Hi everyone,
    I recently purchased my first bike that I have always wanted. I have been putting in some leg work to customize and get it back on the road. Beyond all the research and wrench time I have put into it I am discovering one problem.
    I need to try and find the motor year for licensing and insurance purposes. I have dug through various forums here and tried to find the answer on my own but come up empty handed on this one. I have a serial number (or believe it to be one) that I will enter here as well. The VIN on the actual frame does no good as it is a custom.
    What I believe to be the serial number is listed as DKM 336097. FYI it was stamped but very strange as it was upside down. I have been told that it is a 80in. Evo motor. There is also a DZ 110 with EV2 under neath it.
    Please hold the flogging and laughing until later and I appreciate any help someone may offer on this :bigsmiley23:

    Sorry I wanted to include some pictures in case there was any question on the motor being an evo or not. I have just taken word of mouth on this. Thanks again!

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    Good info on this link.

    Harley Davidson Community

    Look in self-help and has a bunch of great info on the EVO's(and pics). Can't see bottom end (Do you have a tappet screen. Search it here) but jugs up looks like my EVO.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    No title?
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    Welcome to the forum Curve. We don't laugh at people until we know them real well. It is an evo style engine, but is not made by Harley Davidson, the good news is I think the DKM is the identifier of Delkron Mfg. who is one of the premier aftermarket makers. You may be able to get the year and other info. you need by Contacting them. Make sure you come back and tell us about what you find, and just hang out.
    Delkron High Performance Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts for High Performance Harley Davidson Motorcycles
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