2000 FXST Fuel Leak

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by billbasket, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Last 2-times I filled up, without overfilling, I had a overflow fuel leak. I always fill it carefully to, or just below the gas cap nozzle insert while on the jiffy stand. Fuel will leak after a short ride home from the hose, located on the left side under the fender, front of rear wheel with the valve in the off position. October 2008 I had the local dealer replace the Vacuum assisted Fuel Shutoff valve because they said it was needed (9-years old).
    Has anyone had this leaking problem? I was waiting for it this time thinking it would start right away. It apparently takes a little while to start leaking. More than 15-minutes. The bike was all parked in the garage. When I checked it later, it had leaked. Service Manual doesn't mention it.
  2. glider

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    A few things I would check is the fuel cap, it may need replacing. Another thing to consider when you fill up and drive it home, you are filling on the side stand and when you stand it upright the fuel is higher on the cap side of the tank and the heat from the engine when you park it can cause the fuel to expand and push out the overflow and drain out the bottom.
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    If the vent in your cap was plugged it would cause pressure in the tank as the gas reached ambiant temperature and that could cause it. (at least I know it will in a car)
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    I agree with glider my 06 fxst will drain from the overflow if i fill it to far while on the jiffy stand as glider said when upright the level will be higher on the fill side.if i fill to the bottom of the fill hole while upright it allows room for expantion due to engine heat and will not leak from the overflow
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    Thanks for the info.. I was having this same problem on my trip on rte 50 across Kansas. I filled the tank less and less but due to the heat it kept overflowing. It was 100-104 for most of the trip.