2000 FLHTCUI not pumping fuel?

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    Ok so here is my issue and I have not seen another like it yet. I had my bike repainted. I just put it back together yesterday and rode it today. For the initial 5 min i had zero issues. The problem came upon stopping at a neighbors house to discuss the new paint. I got back on it and started it and all of a sudden it died. No sputtering no idling down just died. Here is what i have checked.
    Checked all fuzes - no issues
    Checked and swapped all relays - no issues
    pulled the fuel injector wires and tested to make sure they were pulsing - no issues
    Fuel pump does prime or at least attempt to but im still not getting fuel from the pump to the intake?
    Pulled the fuel pump to watch the lines it pumps ,at least from the pump to the canister..cannot verify if it is leaving the canister yet.
    The bike will run if you hand dump fuel into the intake.
    Any other crazy things ive overlooked?
    mabey any simple things ive overlooked? (yes the bike has fuel)
    Thank in advance -switch-


    OK so if anyone ever has an issue like this first thing to do is Panic! then remove you head from you know where! It was a simple mistake on my part. My painter actually asked the question that sparked the solution. The clear fuel lines inside the tank itself MUST be crimp clamped! When reinstalling the fuel pump i neglected to crimp clamp one of my lines and it popped off! That was the whole problem! So if your fuel pump is running and you are not getting fuel make sure you check the clear lines in the tank!!! Thanks guys!
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