2 years and still doesn't fit right

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm more of lurker and appreciate what everyone here has to offer. I usually read all the posts and am blown away by the collective knowledge of the group.

    I've had my CVO Fat Boy for 2 years now but still consider myself a newbie (when it comes to miles in the saddle). The first bike I ever rode was a heritage softail. I loved the way it handled and have been trying to get my bike to handle like that. So far I've changed the beach type bars the CVO FB came with to the CVO mini apes from the CVO convertible. I compared these bars and they are pretty close (I didn't get the heritage bars because the CVO bars looked "cooler" and were very close).

    FLST/I Heritage Softail 2006
    Height = 7"
    Width = 31"
    Pullback = 11"

    CVO Softail Convertible 2010 - 2011
    Height = 7-1/2"
    Width = 33"
    Pullback = 12"

    Source: Motorcycle Stock Handlebars Measurements - Stock Bars

    What else can I do to make the CVO Fat Boy fit (and handle) like a softail Heritage? Change the seat? (I exchanged the solo seat for a tall boy) Change the risers? Windshield?

    Any help would be appreciated. I feel like I'm not logging as many miles as I would be if I was more comfortable (i.e. felt more in control).

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    The '06 Heritage has a MT90-B16 front tire.

    Your 2011 Fatboy has a 140/75R17 front tire.

    I'm not sure what the circumference is on the MT90-B16 but chances are it is shorter and skinnier than on the Fatboy. Thus it would dive into a turn more easily. Have you thought of changing out the wheel and tire?

    or if handling is that important to you, get a Dyna.