2 part question, i'm confused about ignition

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by wvcoalminer, Oct 31, 2010.

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    I have two questions maybe you can help me with first is on ignition I have a 96 flstc with 27k have 1 1/2 in drag pipes long and a hypercharger air intake stock cam and motor rejetted carb runs good i wonder if an upgrade will help or am i wasteing my money.I plan on putting in an ev 27 cam next winter any advice would be greatly appreciated.The second is when i let my clutch out or when i let off the throttle rapid like it makes a squeek it is getting worse i adjusted my clutch and primary chain still squeeking do i need new plates or could it be something worse.thanks i love this site you guys helped me with a stripped tappet screen plug and helped me save my case
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    Installing a cam will help. A good exhaust system would compliment the cam.
    Some squeeks are caused by the drive belt, but usually when letting off the throttle, not on take off. Is it possible your shock bushings are dry or worn and are the cause?
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    I have a 94 FLSTC and I am running an Andrews EV27 cam. The engine and heads are stock. I'm running a DYNA 2000 ignition and Python dual exhaust with Thunder Monsters from Big City Thunder. The carb has been reworked to Woods Carb specs. 78HP/81ftlb. The drag pipes will give you tuning issues. At the very least I would run AR cones in them.
    On the squeek have you checked to make sure the steels between the plates in the clutch are flat? Does the clutch feel like it's slipping? 27K is not a lot of miles on a Harley clutch, Are you sure you don't have an exhaust leak or worse a head gasket leak? Good luck with the build this winter take your time and I bet you'll be happy with the results.