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    Quick question for you guys, I just installed a Vance and Hines 2 into 1 exhaust system on my 02 Electra Glide Standard,(looks pretty cool) I have noticed that my fuel mileage has dropped off quite abit. I have stage 1 kit on the bike and no other modifications. I checked the plugs and they indicate complete combustion!! IDEAS??
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    What is the "stage 1 kit" you refer to above?

    You have done a Stage 1 up-grade with high-flow AC and now the V&H 2in1? Do you have a fueler, tuner, or download?

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    Hmmm, you haven't been testing the sportiness our your new pipe with the right hand have you?
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    The right hand is not fuel economy equipped...:s Congrats on your new pipe.

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    I hope you didn't get a stage 1 Dynajet jet kit for it... they are a pain to tune. I fought with my dynojet kit for ever while getting around 32-35mpg... It was lean and it was rich all at the same time, quite a pain. I blamed the needle. I'd pull the carb out and see what jets are in it. I'd start with like a 45 pilot and a 180 main and go from there. I found a cv carb off a sportster at a swap meet for 10 bucks, pulled the slide, needle, and spring out of it. Put it in mine and it made a world of difference. I shimmed the needle up with one washer. Too early to tell what kinda mpg difference it'll make, but it seems to running better.

    BTW - if you insist on using the dynojet emulsion tube and main jet they are actually pretty good, but you'll find you need a smaller pilot jet than usual.
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