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    Hi everybody on HDtalking, I just bought a 2011 FatBob a couple of months ago and I think I want to put VH 2-1 big radius on, anybody out there
    have good things to say about the look and sound of these pipes and do you
    have to move the passenger foot pegs.
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    I don't think many 2-1's interfere with the passenger pegs. My Bub 7's run about center-line with the swing arm with plenty of room for the pegs.

    As dbmg mentioned, you might as well do an entire stage 1 with intake and programmer to pick up a few more HP. I'm not familiar with the Dobeck TFI, but do your research. The SE intake is similar to the Arlen Ness Big Sucker I, that will handle everything that a stage 1 needs and be buildable for up to stage 4 upgrades with perhaps something like the Wimmer Better Sucker kit.

    I know that the Power Commander will also handle later upgrades and can be ordered pre-programmed for whatever you are planning to do for a stage 1.

    It's always nice to think ahead. The mod you do today may not be enough tomorrow, so it's a good idea to buy performance parts that will still work for later stages of a build.
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    didnt interfere with peg on friends fboy dont know bout bob but as others said get a tfi fueler b4 u run that exhaust or your bike will not run right. comes with instructions how to adjust just 4 dials to turn for all your futer mods
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    Hi, I have a Supertrapp 2-1 Supermeg system and there looks to be no problem with passenger footpegs (I don't have any as my bike is solo set up but there looks to be plenty of room for em).
    The supermegs have worked well, it was running lean but reducing discs fattened it up but it was still on the lean side so I hooked up a SEST Tuner and that sorted it and I have now added a Joker 4" filter and the bike is flying, nice zorst note without being overloud.
    I bought all the stuff thru my dealer and he did the fitting of the zorst and flashing up of the SEST for free and did not charge me for a second hook up of the SEST after I fitted the joker filter.
    You'll enjoy the mods, have fun doing em and enjoy your liberated motor afterwards, hopped up Dynas rock!!!!
    Thats my story, hope some of that is of use to you.
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    I don't think the foot pegs will will need to be moved. You will have plenty of clearance. The pipe will be much closer to your saddlebags than your pegs. I have an '09 fatbob and am considering the V&H pro pipe.

    If you are considering a stage 1 air intake check out Fuel Moto. You get the best of both worlds. They sell a Harley screaming eagle back plate with a K & N rechargeable filter. I think I paid $116.00 for the package.
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    Have you looked at the D&D 2-1, looks good, sounds good, easy to install, increases torque.