2-1-2, or 2-1, or duals, again...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by YoDA, Oct 21, 2012.

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    I'm sure this question has been posted a million times because I've read a ton over the past couple of weeks since I purchased my 2011 Ultra Ltd. 103, and the more I've read the more I'm unsure as to what I should do.

    The bike is 100% stock right now and I want to get better sound and more pep, so the options are to replace the breather/headers/exhaust with:

    'Cat-less' header, and new exhaust, or
    A complete 'true dual' system, or
    A complete 2-1 system

    I like the sound of duals, but I've read I will lose low end torgue. I like the torgue of 2-1 (like fat cats) but I've read you lose the 'harley rumble'. So, how much low end torque do you lose going with duals vs. 2-1, is it like a couple of lbs, or is it more like 10 lbs? Is there only a difference on paper, but not really on a 'seat of your pants' dyno? If there really isn't much of a difference between the two then I'd probably go duals. But then, what is the diff between a good free flowing header and slip-ons, vs duals? I understand I'll have better torque with free flowing 2-1-1 headers and slip-ons that duals? Is that true?

    And then another thing to add into the mix is that eventually I may want to upgrade the cams in a year or two and I don't want to have to redo the whole system and spend a bunch more $$ to do so. I ride 2 up a lot, and do a lot of longer trips, but I also use my ride as a daily commute so it's a real all around ride.

    Any recommendations on what would be a good approach would be appreciated. Oh ya, obviously I'll need to add a tuner and I'll probably go with a MasterTune TTS so if I upgrade cams later I don't have to pay for more dyno work.

  2. dolt

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    The OEM head pipe is not bad. You can remove the cat, look for a head pipe from an '09 model (no cat but you may have to relocate the O2 bungs) or purchase one of the available catless aftermarket head pipes like the FuelMoto, V&H or Fullsac offerings.

    OEM mufflers with Fullsac re-cored baffles is an ecnomical way to go and they will perform.

    No need to change from that setup for a set of cams. The TTS does offer the VTune feature but if you want a spot on tune, a dyno is the only way.
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    I have tried slip ons, 2-1-2 headpipe and muffler and a 2-1 system. I will not run anything but a 2-1 now. The pipe made a noticeable difference in power and torque in my riding rpm range 2000-3500. Just my opinion.
  4. DaveSki

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    Another vote for the power boost with 2 into 1 header with free flowing muffler. Yeah sounds a little different, no ta-dum ta-dum idle, but my 2012 RK will cruise at 100, and has noticeable grunt whenever I twist the grip now. Vance&Hines ProPipe.