1st time I met George Jones

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Duck, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Duck

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    Met him sitting in a bar in FL like he was just an every day fellow.Boy was he rowdy and his friends too_One fellow punched him out one night.This fellow was sitting at the bar and went to restroom when he returned George Jones was sitting in his seat and fellow asked him who he thought he was, George said I am George Jones who do you think I am? The fellow knocked him out cold.
  2. HardRidinGal

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    Wow! That would be something to meet George Jones. Where are you from? I sure bet that that guy who knocked him out had a lot to talk about for a long time to come LOL Hopefully he didn't have a law suit following him all that time too.
  3. Shane

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    Hey, I used to live in same town too in FL, I think it was Lakeland. We lived in Lakeland, Lake Mirror, Bartow and Dade. I think that is all? No, Polk City too. We seen Tammy Wynete pass out in the grocery store parking lot. Drugs I guess?