1st EVO?

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    We recently got an 09 883 sporty, for the Mrs. The only mods are a stage 1 air cleaner, V&H Slip-ons and dealer download. This is the 1st evo I've ever owned. I've been told let it idle for at least a minute to warm up. Another person said don't ride it when it's cold. One person said hit the starter and go. Could some expierenced EVO riders clear up these issues. It has EFI and starts great weather its hot or cold or when the engine is hot or cold.

    Thanks in advance
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    Start the engine and let it idle until the rocker boxes can be felt warming up and ride it easy until it it warmed up or you will be replacing base gaskets on the cylinders. The friend that told you to hit the starter and go better have plenty of money to fix things on his bike.
    Not too many people could jump out of bed and go into a full run without a warm up other than me :s but the bikes should be treated the same way. Respect them and they will give you many miles of trouble free service if you are lucky, remember it's a Harley.

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    Good advice here...EFI allows you to take off right away because the processor controlled A/F is a well controlled EPA mandated mixture...

    BUT just because you can does NOT mean you should. Mechanically, internal tolerances are loose when cold, oil pressure and fluids are slightly more sluggish and only left over oil film is in the critical areas preventing metal to metal contact.

    Give your ride 30 secs or so before pulling away and use smooth and easy riding for the first few miles before turning it up a notch.
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    Evo engine have alloy heads and fins round the barrels but the cylinder liners and head studs are steel 2 different metals that have different expansion rates when heating
    full expansion and good engine fit are not achieved till fully warmed up although the head gasket has been designed to compensate for the differential in metal expansion it doesn't work all the time hence the cylinder base gaskets blowing is a not uncommon occurrence on evo engines
    start the engine then put on jacket helmet gloves etc then take it easy till engine will run well with choke fully backed off then give it wahee