1K service. what would you do?

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    I bought a new 2007fxstc back in January and I am now just hitting the 1K service. I Have changed all three holes and put in amsoil 20w 50.. I have 4 Harley dealers within a 60 mile radius of my home. I called all 4 to check on the price of the 1K service without fluid changes and got 4 different answers. one shop quoted $320, shop two was $180.00, shop three couldnt give me an answer because the stated they had to adjust the main drive chain and didnt know if the would have to add more oil, and the 4th shop stated that since I changed the fluids and filter my self I should just bring it in for the 2500 mile service, but in my manual the service requirements are 1K, 5K, 10K, ect. So I my question is what would all you veteran riders do...I would appreciate any help.
    Thanks, sumprat64
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    I would spend the $60 and buy the service manual and do it myself if I were you. There is no 2500 mile service and what oil are they going to replace to adjust the chain. It's a self adjuster there and IF they did open the primary to check it, it's only one quart+ of oil in most the new bikes for an additional $6.

    Sounds like you got a bunch of great dealers there.:D
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    Listen to Glider and go to the self help section. You will save hundreds of dollars doing things yourself. I like your choice of oil, but I personally think you should change your choice in the transmission. I have a 05 Ultra and now use a gear oil in the trans. Thanks Glider.
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    I agree with Glider. Get the book (MoCo factory service manual for your make and year). Everyone should have it even if it is just to be better informed about what the dealership/indy is supposed to do when you take it in for something.

    On your service at 1k miles, you mentioned Amsoil 20W-50 (and I hope you mean 20W-50 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - MCV). That is good for the engine oil. But you should use a heavy duty gear oil in the tranny at least 75W-90 or 75W-140 depending on where you ride (I use the 75W-140 here in the Houston area). Your gear oil should be a GL-5 IMHO (I use Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum 6-speed Transmission Oil).

    In the primary, you will get a lot of different opinions about synthetic/no synthetic. Glider suggests Formula+ from MoCo. I personally use Spectro Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil 85W.

    Regardless about what the marketing info says on the bottles, one product does not effectively meet the different requirements of all three applications. Check out the chatter over in "Oil" and you will see all the different opinions. Do some research, and make you own decisions - it's YOUR bike.

    Back to 1k. The lubricants/fluids are the life blood of your engine, tranny and primary, but your brakes could save your (edited). So grab a flashlight and get your eyeball in to spot how much pad you have left. At 1k they should be like new - about 1/4" by guesstimate.

    Once you get the book, follow the instructions carefully for adjusting your clutch.

    Pull the plugs and see how they look. Black is OK as long as it is not an oily black.

    If you have a grease fitting to lube the neck bearings, give it a few shots, but remember, it is gonna come out somewhere.

    Beyond that and a good cleaning. Ride it!

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    Thanks for all the advice. Im going to spend the $60.00 and do it myself. as far as the oil in the trans I will check out the oil threads..... Thanks again, sumprat64

    going to switch to Spectro 6 Speed trans oil 75/140 tomarrow.
    Thanks again for all the advice.
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    good choice to do it your self an good oil choices