1999 road king classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by akatrooper, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. akatrooper

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    Hi all,

    Need a little advice.

    I'm looking at picking up this bike this Friday.

    the bike looks immaculate rides smooth and shifts smooth.
    the bike has a big problem going into neutral. It has 28500 miles on it and he wants 10,000 for it. the back tire will have to be replaced soon.
    the bags have been gutted on the inside to fit the wrong shocks from lowering the bike, which means I will have to buy new bags.
    the 30,000 mile check up will be due soon, so just wanted to know what you guys think on the price ?

    also since the bike will not go into neutral and wanting to move forward on start up is that a sign of transmission problems?

    thks in advance for any help
  2. glider

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    KBB has it listed in excellent condition for $9,975. New tire mounted and balanced will run about $300+ depending on where you go. The bags will run about $800 in good shape. The asking price is high based on what you posted. I would offer much less than $10K for the bike being a '99. It also looks as if the rear is lowered too, possibly the front also.

    The "neutral" problem could be anything from a clutch adjustment, to the wrong oil in the trans or an overfilled primary too. Hoping it isn't a trans problem.

    It's a good looking bike but there are many available on the market with today's times. There is a few extras on the bike but not that many to raise the price to $10K
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Nice looking bike, over priced IMO, any service records? Has it been sitting?
  4. akatrooper

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    Sorry guys newbi newbi.
    I forgot to put what the bike had for features.

    your right, the front and back are lowerd.
    this is what the bike features.

    Electronic fuel injection
    Stage II big bore engine kit
    (converted by 88 cu. in. 1450 cc to 95 cu. in. 1550 cc)
    Screaming Eagle Exhaust system
    Low Profile Touring air shocks
    Mustang seat with removal passenger backrest and collapsible driver backrest
    Custom handlebar and grips
    Lightly smoked windshield
    Nostalgic brake pedal and foot board covers
    Custom headlamp and passing lamp trim rings with halogen lights
    Brake light conversion kits (yellow to red)
    Engine guard cruising foot pegs
    Custom mini-tachometer
    Installed helmet locks
    Customer paint with custom painted helmet to match (by Mark Sporka whose paint jobs appear in several national motorcycle mags.)
    Constant monitoring battery charger
    Chrome Saddle bag rails
    Mud flap
    Dust cover for interior protection
    Rain cover for outside weather protection
    Rear tire with less than 5000 miles
    Official field service manual

    does this make the bike more closer to what he is asking?
  5. akatrooper

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    the bike ran out smooth, but had some poping when you would let off the throttle. the poping seemed to get better as I rode it. the bike seemed to shift well, which leads me to belive it needs a clutch adjustment.
    woundn't that cause the bike to move forward on start up, and cause it not to go into neutral?
    he has had the bike since 3500 miles. he has the records for 5000, 10,000 and 20,000 schedules, but none since. he siad the poping started after the 20,000 miles.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    These have good clutches from the factory, most often it is as simple as an adjustment, primary chain adjustment, fluid changed to proper type and level. Dont forget to check the belt. The popping could be a lot of things, is this carbed or EFI
  7. glider

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    The popping is probably due to the replacement mufflers that are on it, possibly the older SE mufflers from the looks of it which would make it pretty loud. Also a possibility of an exhaust leak causing the popping. Check the "Y" pipe on the rear cylinder for a crack starting in the junction which is a common problem on the baggers.
    As far as the maintenance, it looks like 15K since a service which is over due IMO. Take this into consideration if you buy it.
    The bike being lowered can be a problem with bottoming out. If you buy it, make sure to get the stock parts too.
    As far as the clutch adjustment, that indeed would cause the bike to lurch on start up as will overfilled primary fluid too. Both an easy fix but should be taken into consideration just in case it's not those problems causing it.

    As far as the price with the fancy paint, It's still a '99 bike so use the KBB price as a guide only. Custom paint and add ons are only worth something over stock if the buyer likes it.:s:s
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  8. bikerdad

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    Looks nice ut I wish mine was worth that. With the mileage, you might be looking at cam chain tensioners.
  9. akatrooper

    akatrooper Member

    Nice '99 Bikerdad. How many miles do you have on it?

    Jack, the bike is EFI.
    There's one thing about the bike, there's not 1 spec of rust or dirt on the bike.
    It's very clean. He says he keeps it that way. The bike looks new cosmetically on the exterior.

    It's been garage kept since day 1, never rode in the rain.

    It looks that way, but then again, he probably had it detailed.

    I'm taking it to Harley Friday for an inspection and test ride.

    I'll see what they say, they're suppose to make any recommendations they think the bike needs.

    Then I'll base my offer off KKB and Harley's repair recommendations.
    I test drove the bike twice. The bike will scat. It seems to have plenty of power, doesn't hesitate.
    The only thing I seen wrong with the ride was the popping when I come off the throttle. But the more I rode the better it did seem to get.

    Hopefully it just needs to be rode, that would be a bonus.

    How long would you say the motor will last on these type bikes before a rebuild is needed?
  10. The4opps1

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    Sometimes checking a site like Ebay and seeing what bikes like this are selling for is a help (and the key here is what they are selling for, not what the seller is asking). Remember, just because a machine has another $10,000 worth of chrome and speed goodies added to it, doesn't make it worth $10,000 more than a machine without those goodies. As an example, fancy paint may be an eye catcher and may be expensive , but in most instances adds very little to the value of a machine. Look at it this way, if you think you may be paying too much, chances are you probably are. Consider offering a lower price. You can always come up, and if the deal fall through, there are tons of other Road Kings out there. Good luck.....