1998 sportster speedo

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by samuelandelin, May 6, 2009.

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    I bought a 1998 sportster 1200. I need a new speedo so I bought one off ebay that was advertised as coming off of a 1997 sportster. I checked the wiring in a repair manual and it looks like it came off of a 2004 or newer bike. The guy who sold me the speedo told me that I should be able to make it work on my bike anyway if I have the right harness? Is this possible? Can I make this work or should I send this back and get a different speedo?
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    Send it back if you can. The 04 had a serial bus and it's a different hookup than the older ones. By the time you bet done it would be cheaper and easier to get the right one.
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