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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by garster, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. garster

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    Help! I just joined and can not post (don't know how). I am looking at buying another softail. I had a 1998 fxstc and I really loved it. I know they stopped making them in 1999 and then started making them again, but am unsure about the year. I am trying to figure out all of the differences between the new and the older softail custom models and the differences between the softail custom, standard, etc. I found a 2002 custom(ized) softail for a very good price ( I think). I also found an older fxstc which I like and am unsure about which to pick from and going prices. I t has been a number of years for me, so it's time for me to get another bike. q:)
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  2. jel123

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    go with the twin cam ,jel
  3. garster

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    I just received an email from the guy who is selling his 2002 customized softail on ebay for $8500. It looks very nice with l;ots of chrome, but was told that the title is a MVIN, which I found out means that it is not a Harley title. He built the entire bike with harley motor, tranny, etc and says he used all oem parts. Says all major parts are Harley parts. He is on ebay. if you search under "2002 custom softail lots of chrome", you will see it. I am still unsure how to post a new thread or question. Please advise. Thanks.
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    I would spring for the fuel injection, that is one huge advantage the newer bikes have over the older ones. Turn the key and go.
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    I had a '97 fxstc and put 63000 miles on it with only one problem,starter drive. I wish that I kept the bike.It was carburated and only required a jet change to change out pipes and airflow.It had less parts,ran beautiful and was very dependable.Sorry I got rid of it.
    I now have an'07 fxstc that cost me about$750-850 to do pipes,air,power commander and dyno tune. tc has more parts runs hotter and if it breaks down on the road,who knows what to look for !!! It's all about the computer.
    Makes me want my EVO back !!!
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    My scoot is a 2008 FXSTC and I love it. It's my 2nd HD, first was a 07 1200 SE custom which is a great bike but not for 2 up which is 75% of my riding. The softail however is great, there are times I have to check the mirrors to see if she is still there. Love the fuel injection and no warmup. Sixth gear is a gas when hitting the cruise lane, can't even hear the bike. I think you will like the bigger engine on the newer softies 1584=96ci. Good luck!