1997 DWG Rear Shocks

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Marksy, May 25, 2009.

  1. Marksy

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    Hi All.

    I have a question about the rear suspension on my recently aquired DWG.

    When I got it, I was bottoming out the rear tire in the fender on severe bumps. I did a little research and found out that the shocks are adjustable.
    I'll attach a pic so you can see them.

    Anyway, I did adjust them. The shock are marked with a line for each adjustment point. I cranked them down 4 lines. That equaled about 3/8 of an inch or a bit more.

    My question is, how far can you actually crank these down?

    I ask because my girlfriend is a little bit heavy and though she has not been on the bike yet, she will be and I want to make sure we don't bottom out with us both on it. I'm 230 and she is 180.

  2. Marksy

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    I'm a dolt LOL.

    I forgot the pic.

    Here it is. One full size, and one just the shock.

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  3. glider

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    You should see the cam detent points on the shock itself. There's usually about 4-5 settings on most shocks and you can visually see when you reach the stiffest setting where it compresses the spring the most.

    Looking at your shocks, they appear as if they are aftermarket so the adjustment looks to be on the top instead of the bottom. It should work similar to the stock shocks in that tightening it down will increase the spring preload and support more weight.
  4. Marksy

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    They actually are a Harley shock. They have the bar and shield on them, and local dealer did have them in his books. Just couldn't tell me how much I could adjust them.

    My biggest concern is that I can't preload them enough.

    I had them adjusted to the 3rd mark and bottomed out on a railway track with my friend's 80 pound daughter on back, so I cranked it down one more point.

    Hoping I can get more out of them if need be.

    00BUCKSHOT Junior Member

    i wonder if you have those H-D shocks that lower a wideglide 2inches?hmmm i was thinking of buying a sett of those