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    Posting for buddy. Purchased a 1996 sporty with 5100 miles on it the bike started to run poorly took it into an indy and they said the valve was sticking replaced the valve and pushrods. The bike runs ok at times and at other times it has the same issue as before. Today, early morning it was cold he stated it up and it ran poorly again after a about 5 min it starts to fun good again. This also happens when the bike is hot. Any thoughts on what this could be if the valve was replaced?
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    Carb problem maybe? Bad gas CV Carb Tuning - Harley Davidson Community

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    We have a lot of sporty minds on this forum but WE need more than "run poorly" to help out..

    IF you can give a complete description of the problems of run poorly,,,, I'm sure you will get a lot of help..

    Looking forward to help out ! :D

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    Update. Talked to buddy he thinks the rear exhaust valve is sticking again as posted previously he had the valve replaced. All the symptions no fire in rear cylinder. Could it be that since the bike sat so long that even though the valve has been replaced it can still stick? On several ocassions he has actually used a blow torch and it releases and runs fine. Any thoughts?
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    Bad valve guide, replaced when valve work done? Or is valve bent? May have to take that head off and remove valve springs and check guides and springs, if springs are weak or broken should be noisey as well

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    Wow...have to heat it up with a torch...???!!! :newsmile030: I am with Jack on that one...sounds like you may have a bent valve sticking in the valve guide...or the like. Careful disassembly, a good service manual and micrometer to check a few dimensions is in order here. :s