1996 Sportster 1200 leaking gas from filter/carb.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Pancho, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Pancho

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    1996 Sportster 1200 leaking gas from filter/carb.
    Bike is all stock.

    Not my bike. Trying to help a friend.
    Just bought the bike 2 months ago.
    Bike is all stock.

    I have an idea of what problem is,
    but haven't worked on a Sportster before.

    Any info. of this Sportster carb leak would be appreciated.

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  2. vpats

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    You might want to check if there is a Dynojet kit installed. I have a 97 and notice a leakage issue of raw fuel at the carburetor. When I pulled the ham can and filter off you could see the raw fuel when you cracked the throttle. This would drip for a few minutes after riding the bike, usually right down on the cam cover.

    I was told by the folks at the HD dealer, that this would happen on occassion with the Dynojet Kits. I was also getting about 35 MPG. Having bought this bike with this alteration in place, I was not able to supply the factory parts for replacement. However, I was able to find a factory carb on ebay for about $45.

    All is well now, the bike is smooth, with no smell of fuel and I get about 42/43 general intown riding and have hit 49 on consistant highway riding.
  3. badongescubil

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    That just happened to me, turns out the breather on the gastank cap was blocked. We just blew hard on it and that fixed it