1995 softail inner primary bolts

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    Hi, I am new here and learning little by little. I am building the 1995 heritage nostalgia from the ground up. I am trying to see if anyone knows how many bolts require those wing lock washers that button up the inner primary to the engine and transmission. I have a 1995 heritage softail. I am thinking there are only 4 hex bolts that require the tabbed lock washers since there are only 4 slots on the primary as my picture shows.. Also, do these need to to be torqued since they use the tab lock washers?

    This is my first post and i am thankful for this forum and its valued members.


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    Check this out:

    PRIMARY HOUSING - 1995 Harley Davidson FLSTN

    Yes. Torque per spec in the book. Also, you need some RTV on the standoffs and on the bolts themselves.