1994 sportster???

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by 06rdking, Jun 20, 2009.

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    I have a friend that has found a 94 sportster with 33,00 miles on it and is thinking about buying it. the asking orice is $3200.00 This would be his first harley, is there anything he should be aware of or look out for. the bike looks and sounds very good, but I dont know what to look out for myself as I have a 06 rdking that is my first harley. Any opinoins would be appreciated. thanks, steve
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    I had a 94 Sportster in my fleet of bikes until a year ago was the wifes bike had to go to make way for a Dyna
    but a fine bike no real issues the 94 was a face lift model for that year although its an evo Sportster it had a redesigned of the frame with straight frame rails and a new shape of rear fender
    the oil tank and battery tray were new with more mount points for the battery tray and a redesigned lower mount
    the whole of the oil pipe routing was changed for this year
    all these changes stayed with the solid mount Sportster till 2003

    Main problems to look out for are leaking gaskets lower rocker and base gaskets but with that mileage i would think that these have been sorted by now

    its a fine bike not sure about the price as I'm in the UK and the prices are different


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    If the bike is in decent condition from the perspective buyers' perspective and is relatively mechanically "adept" $3200.00 is a decent price...as most will likely put 2 to 3X that on any bike purchased IF THEY RIDE IT and it does not become a garage queen. :33:
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    I bought a 93 last year. I paid $3600 for a basketcase. Make sure it has had regular service and has had both front and rear bearings replaced recently. Have brakes serviced by a Harley tech... no shade tree mechanicin' on brakes!!! Fresh fluids with a hot spark, brakes, bearings with good tires and ride it like you stole it!!!