1994 sportster running very badly

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    Hey all, I have a 94 sportster with 9000 miles. Had it running early in the day and parked it. Went to get on it 3 hours later and started it and it runs like (EDIT) Sputters, and almost sounds like its running on one cylinder. Plugs are not fouled. New air filter and plugs and it still have problem. Any ideas out there? Thanks....

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    HAVE YOU.....
    checked your volts,amps & ohms everywhere necessary,checked all fuses, put a few oz's of Iso-Heet or Sea-Foam in the tank. Are you letting it warm up proper before heading out? Are most of your trips long runs or short(around town)? what octane? have you checked , assuming its carb'd , the float to see if its sticking? Are you SURE plug wires good? Have you checked to see if there are no loose or bare wires anywhere? You state it's a 94 with only 9k on the speedo - does it sit for long periods of time before the next ride? How many of the 9k miles have you put on it? Have you done any work on the scoot lately? Have you.......????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Bad fuel or an intake leak are a couple of other things to look at but you have got a long list already
    please supply a wee bit more info