1993 Harley Fxlr

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    Hi, i own a 1993 Harley fxlr lowrider which has has a 1600cc conversion, i have only had the bike about 8 months and have had chance to ride it much, anyway i went for a ride about 25miles and when i got home the downpipe had burnt a hole in my jeans! i had put exhaust bandages around the pipes while i'm having the metal covers re-chromed. Should the exhausts get this hot? as this is my first harley after years of others makes i'm still getting used to it. Also the bike does not seen to like going around 30mph with changing up and down the gears but rides fine above 50mph also does anyone know the correct setting for the air screw? my carb is a Mikuni 45.
    Many thanks for all help received.
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    The exhaust pipes close to the cylinder head get very hot and in some cases the pipes can be seen to turn red
    exhaust gas temperature will be around 700 degrees c or 1300 degrees in f so defiantly hot enough to burn cotton