1991 fxsct softail stator connector broke

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by horse62049, Mar 7, 2015.

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    On my 1991 softail the stator wire connectors are messed up causing it not to charge. wires are to short to just put new connectors on does anyone seeing a problem with splicing the wire with new connector heat shringe it and putting the connectors back threw the holes also if not charging right can this cause the blinkers not to work right sometimes blink sometimes they wont. thanks for any info thanks just don't want to have to replace stotor if I don't have to
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    You ought to think about doing job correctly for just replacing connectors are at best a temporary repair. How overworked and burnt is stator from connectors not making proper contact?????? And what adverse effect has this had on complete charging system. Regulator wiring, relays etc....:bigsmiley21:
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    I see no problem with splicing the wires. signals can quit working proper if the voltage drops.
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