1991 electraglide antenna location question

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by bus driver, May 24, 2010.

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    I have a 1991 Electraglide Ultra Classic With factory radio and cb. Most late model Electraglides have two antenna posts on the rear baggage compartment and mine only has one. I have spoken to the dealer and they said it should have two. However I have seen photos of other baggers with only one installed. It appears that it came stock with one antenna post. My question is if it did come stock with only one antenna, does the cb and radio share only one antenna? I didn't think that was possible. It apears the radio(AM-FM) reception improves with an antenna installed on the post. Where is the cb antenna location? This is a perfect machine. I have waited my whole life for this motorcycle and I wouldn"t settle on any imitations. It was worth the wait. BUY AMERICAN.

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    Single antenna properly selected for length, tuned and adjusted is all you need...! Nowadays hidden antenna is a more "elegant" solution, either hidden in the fairing or in the tourbox means less maintenance and we don't need Harleys to look like an RC vehicle do we?...proper antenna is tuned for rRF band in question and Digital Radio has made the criticalilty a bit easier with "self correcting" bit correction. JMO
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    Once you get your Genuine HD Service and Repair manual, your question should be answered. It's the best purchase you can make. IMO
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    I have the 91 ultra also and mine has only one antena too,, radio comes in really weak on most stations except the local ones, by the way does yours have a cb head unit under the back luggage rack? the manual says mine should but its not there am I missing somthing? I love this Bike, it looks and runs Fantastic for its age. wouldnt change it for anything
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    Re: 1991 electraglide CB radio removeal question

    i have a 1991 electra glide i just picked up and i love it,
    but i would like to remove the CB radio and am finding it
    hard to seperat it from the wirering system is there any
    one who can help me with this issue. thanks