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1990 FLHS Carb Noise (Mikuni HSR42)


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I recently installed a Mikuni HSR 42 Carb because I was having some difficulties with CV carb. This carb works really well and driveability was greatly improved. So, I then installed a Andrews EV27 camshaft with Screamin eagle Adjustable Pushrods. I started the bike and the engine came to life instantly but there is a noise. A very annoying, distinct kind of ticking noise that can be heard over exhaust at idle. I thought it was the valve train and was thinking that maybe I did something wrong when I installed lifters and new pushrods. ( I did follow directions precisely) SO, I took out my mechanics stethoscope and listened to each pushrod tube, lifter block etc. No Noise? I then put stethoscope up to carb and the noise is very definitive. It seems as though the slide in the carb is pulsing with the intake and exhaust of the engine. It only does this from idle to 2000 rpm. ** But it is driving me crazy... Has anybody else experienced this condition and can maybe give me some insight as to what I can do to remedy this problem short of putting CV carb back on. Thanks for any help... (1990 EVO 1340-stock pistons-Screamin Eagle Air filter- Mikuni HSR42 Carb-Andrews EV27 camshaft- screamin eagle adjustable pushrods-baffled aftermarket exhaust true duals )
Not the first time I have heard of the Mik slide rattle and to be honest I have never heard of anyone finding a cure for it.
The combo of cam and exhaust has something to do with the problem and the reversion in the exhaust will add to the problem also.
A set of power cones may help a bit but most just live with the noise as a byproduct of the improvements.