1988 flht key ignition

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  1. rick allen

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    i have removed the outer fairing but can not see how to get to the ignition to replace it
  2. Breeze3at

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    I just looked at a parts diagram for a '91 (the oldest I could find). The switch is different, but similar to the new style. Turn the switch to the "ACC" position, and see if there is a detent button under the switch knob. If yes, the detent releases the knob, and access to ign.switch unit is possible. You may have to swing the bars to left or right lock. You can also see videos on Youtube under search "Harley ignition removal".
    Ronnie's Harley-Davidson's 1991 Harley Davidson Street Bike FLHTC Electra Glide Classic (DJ) Parts List
  3. Jack Klarich

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    1. Turn the ignition KEY to unlock and leave the key inserted in lock assembly

    2. Move ignition assembly to the "Off" position to unlock the forks. LEAVE THE KEY IN LOCK

    3. Turn the Handlebars all the way to the right

    4. With the ignition key still in the lock turn the LOCK ASSEMBLY to "Access"

    5. Standing on the left side of the bike look at the lower left underside of the LOCK ASSEMBLY. You will see a small button in the rear left corner

    6. Use a small screwdriver to depress the button and hold while pushing down on the KEY and turning it 60 degrees in the clockwise direction

    7. Lift and remove knob

    8. Reverse to reinstall except there is no need to depress the button
  4. thyrus

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    I just worked on the ign.sw. on my '91flh,I watched a video on sw. r&r but it was a '99 I think. I searched for that little switch but it wasn't there so removed the instrument panel and on the switch cylinder at the 12o'clock position there's a small square pin about 1/8"by 1" with prawls(teeth)on the upper edge,thats the release pin.I used a small screwdriver in the prawls to pull pin out that releases the knob.So if you can't find the dedent button look for that pin