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    My 88 FLHTC 1340 evo is starting to leak oil from the breather tube. Does that mean it's rebuild time. The bike has 44900 original miles. Had a new oil pump installed at the end of last year before storing for the winter.
    The leaking just started so before I tear it down was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this type of oil leak on the evo's.
  2. Breeze3at

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    Do you notice the leaking more when you just start it up after sitting a day or two? Or more after a higher speed run? I believe your oil tank is on the left side of the bike. If it leaks more after sitting, it could be the oil pump check valve is not seating (even with a new pump). It could be a worn crankcase breather gear. Usually leaking breather problems are not caused by a worn engine.
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    Breeze has you covered above. But I would add that you need to make sure that there is not too much oil in the bike. Run it up to HOT (normal operating temperature so that the oil is good and hot, then check the level. Make sure it is NO HIGHER than the HOT level. A little under is OK.

    After it cools down, check the check valve by opening it up, taking out the spring and ball bearing (magnet), and cleaning the seat with a clean rag. If you can get in there, run your pinky around the seat area to see how it feels.

    While you are at this, clean the tappet screen. Also remove and clean the pressure relief plunger.

    See how that does.

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    As your breather should be directly from the crankcase just behind the rear cylinder it may be that your crankcase is being pressurised forcing the oil up through the breather pipe
    this sort of problem can be caused by wear of the piston rings so some of the expanding gasses from ignition push past the rings into the crankcase but by doing a compression test could tell you if this is a possible cause

  5. 58Duo

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    The leaking is only after I have had it out for a bit, Doesn't leak just setting there. Thanks for all the info will do a compression test, and check the plunger in the pump and the check valve in the tank. Hopefully it's not rings I havent noticed any smoke or even heavy exhust fumes Thanks for all the help.
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    I have a 1988 FLTC/FLHS that will puke oil out the breather if it sets for any length of time. More than likely you have some crud on the oil pressure relief side top of the oil pump. Open up that tube and with a magnet run a clean rag in the tube. I hope you kept your old oil pump so you can take the oil ball bearing that regulated the oil pressure. Get that ball bearing and take the new one out. Have a magnet that you can stick in the tube to get the old ball bearing back out. With that magnet take the new ball bearing out and put the old one in. With a hit from a punch that can reach the old ball give it a rap with a hammer just enoug that it will round out the seat. Put the new ball back in and see if it still leaks oil.
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    Thank You, Sounds like my type of fix it involves a hammer.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    You can also hand lap the seat with some valve grinding compound and then do an oil change:s
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    Thanks Jack for the info.