1988 883 Deluxe turn signal & brake light not working

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by 88sportyXLH, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I am a new rider and just bought my first bike ('88 XLH883DLX). The front turn signals had already been removed, tho I see the connection points for each just below the speedometer. The rear signals do not light at all on either side.

    The tail light, headlamp, horn, speedo and all indicator lamps work fine.

    The brake light WAS working the day I got it, but has since quit illuminating regardless of front or rear brake application.

    I have checked the bulbs and wiring that is visible under the rear fender and removed the seat to check for exposed wires/connections and circuit breakers.

    I'm at a loss and hoping someone has some pointers??

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    The connections under your speedo are for the blinker indicators. The actual wiring for the front blinkers should be inside the head light. You should also find the flasher unit in there. There will be a 4 or 5 wire plug coming out of the fender near your battery box. The blue wire is for tail light,violet for left turn,brown for right, and maybe a red or green for brake light. If there is a black it would be ground. Check each of these with a 12V. test light for voltage as you go through their function.
    And by the way, Welcome to the forum from So. Texas.
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    Welcome to the forum from the southwest desert and congrats on the 883!
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    Also note that 1988's had to have the button held down for signal activation. They did not have self cancelling signals.
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    [​IMG] Here is a wire diagram if it helps