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1988 1100?


In my local classified there is a ad for a 1988 Sportster engine. In emailing the guy I ask if it is 883 or 1200. His response was-
"it is an 1100. it has the cast heads with larger chambers. i have never had the top end off to verify the bore but the heads match the description of the 1100 style".

Am I mistaken that the '88 only came in 883 or 1200? Wasn't it the '86-87 that offered the 883 or 1100? Wasn't the '78 an Ironhead with only a 1000?

I'm thinking that he is either-
a) mistaking it from a '86 with a 1100
b) is from a '88 with a 1200
c) is from a '78 with a 1000 Ironhead

Any thoughts. He is only asking $200 so I'm thinking whatever it is might be worth it.

Any thoughts from the Sportster Pro's?
Thanks Hobbit!

I'm thinking he is a little confused on the year and prob. an '86.

For $200 it might be worth it. I'm looking at doing a project bike and this could be a fun start.