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1987 fxrs in distress


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Hi everybody, I've in the past year rescued an 87 fxrs lowrider from a barn. It has been dormant for the past 10 years (well according to the plates). In it's extended stay in the barn the chrome and polished aluminum parts have become tarnished. Most of the chrome has cleaned up but the aluminum is being stubborn. It is very dark and I can't seem to get it to clean up. Any Ideas would be appreciated.
Most of the stock aluminum have a clear coat on it so you have to strip the clear coat before polishing the parts. You can do this with a quality paint remover like rock miracle then on to polishing the parts. Best to remove the parts first.

If you use something like nevr dull to test the part and later to polish them, the bare aluminum will turn the cotton wadding black in a hurry when you rub the part, clear coated parts will not do this as bad if at all.

I use to use neverdull or mothers on my truck when I drove over the road, neverdull works great
I use a product called wenol on aluminum and it will shine it up like chrome. I don't know any stores that sell, I always get it at car shows. I think you can find it on net. It's good stuff and you don't have to use it all the time just when the shine starts to fade. I bought an 8 oz. tube about 5 years ago. I'm almost out.
Wenol Metal Polish
Auto Wenol Finishing Polish