1985 FLTC Comfort Flex Seat?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Vibratinharley, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Vibratinharley

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    I read where the seat that is on my bike was optional and it is a weird spring loaded two up seat ( never seen anything like it) and I was wondering if anybody else has or had a seat like this and how I might go about changing it over to a frame mounted seat?
  2. Jonas

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    To convert it depends on what kind of seat you get. If you want to go with a stock seat for your bike. You will have to buy a bracket that bolts to the back fender. I bought one for my 81, but did not use it. I'll make you a deal if you decide to go this way.

    Other seats will require you to drill a hole in the rear fender. Not a big deal either way. Finding the right seat will be the hard part.
  3. ultrat

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    If u need the comfortflex undercarage i have one, willing to part w/ it....pm me..
  4. ChopperDoc

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    Yours is a carry-over from the days when the seat post actually had something to do with the seat. I had an '80 Electra Glide and I think it was one of the first years they offered the frame mounted seat. I thought it was great, it made you feel like you were sitting in the bike instead of on top of it. I was coming off of a '68 with the two-up saddle and wow what a different feeling.

    Other than maybe having to add the rear mount, changing over to the frame mount should be pretty straight forward.
  5. readams

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    Does anyone know how many comfort flex seat spring models there are. Im looking for one for a 1982 FLTC .I have 2 that are not the same, and they wont work on my bike .I found my old seat at my dads but not the rest thanks