1976 Sportster

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    So the issue is that the bike will start if you hold the choke but if you let it off it will die. There was a tube about 3" long that was in the back of the truck. there is also gas that can leak out of the AP assembly.[Thanks for any help!

    Now I tried to start it again it started then died and I lost all electrical. What should I look at? Where are the fuse(s)? Any help would be appreciated!

    update the battery is hot, I can keep my hand on it but if it was 10 degrees warmer I woudn't be able to.
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    A hot battery is usually an over charged condition, look for shorts near the battery, and when you get it running check the charging system to be sure the regulator is not stuck, don't forget to polarize the generator you can find this in the self help section