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  1. Ihussell

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    I inherited an old 75 sportster from my grandfather when he pasted away and currently the transmission is out of it. I have been looking hi and low trying to find a a transmission rebuild kit but i have had no luck in find one. I really want to get i back in running shape because I have all the original parts for it and it has barely over 8k original miles on it.

    I would Greatly appreciate any help on the topic. If i can get i back in running order it would make one of my dreams since childhood come true...and yes i know i sound like a child when i say that but im 19 about to be 20 so really in all aspects i might have the legal rights as an adult but im still just a kid at heart
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    I would not say it is sounds childish. It just that you grew up around your Grandpap's bike and I am sure heard alot of stories. You will be doing Grandpap a great honor to get it running again and out in the wind again. Best of luck to you.....:s
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    I agree - not one bit childish. Dreams and goals are what get us through the drudgery of everyday life. Besides, no matter how old you are chronologically, it's healthy to always retain an inner child!

    In reference to your actual question - we have lots of members who are real experts on older bikes. Just be patient and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice.
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    Not a bit. We all have dreams and aspirations. The Dyna I have now is customized to be the bike I could never afford to build in 1971. Hey, that's a long time to be childish!:D
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    Clearly a noble jesture on your part to get Grandpa's Sporty back up and running. Try getting a hold of or contacting V-Twin. I have one of there old catalogs here at the house and they have a section devoted to XL's and it has numerous transmission parts and complete assemblies if thats the way you want to go. Also a Harley service manual is a required document a complete section on the transmission is in there. I tackled my 64' XL transmission by myself using the service manual and a couple of other exploded drawings. May good luck be with you in your endevour.

    Keep the Dirty Side Down, Ride Safe :USA

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    You wrote a really nice heartfelt post

    I feel your Grandfather is proud of you for wanting to finish up something he loved
    Sounds like you will have a very sweet memorable Harley

    Good luck
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    Yes i do, I have been talking to a few other not on the forum here and they were suggesting i might want to have someone with a bit more knowledge put the tranny back together because these old ones are a little tricky

    I also talked to my dad the other day and he suggested and older fellow his named started with an R i think is was Rizzer..something like that?
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    Hi Ihussell

    They really are not that diffecult or hard it is just the experience or confidence ...

    What parts or info are you seeking ?
    I may have these parts you are looking for or information !

    Are you looking for the gear set's ? In the shop is a sportser and we will be going through the Transmission in a week or so Just waiting for the guy's Ok ... So when I get the thumbs up to go forward i'll be getting pretty deep into a possible Transmission rebuild anyway's . :bigsmiley13:

    Let me know and i'll pass the word along and try my best to help you .
    Have a good Day
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    RIght now i don't know it's in WEst Virginia and im working on having it brought to kansas city where i am now anyway i do know that it torn down to about this stage...and it hasn't run for quite sometime now as well

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