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Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by rhino, May 14, 2008.

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    Bought a 70 xlch a ways back. havent had a chance to get into it yet and really dont know much about it. I got it for a project bike. if anyone knows anything about it or where i could get tech info on it, it would be apreciated. It wouldnt hurt to arm myself with info before i tear it apart. thank you.
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    Get the dealer to get you a service manual.I believe they're still available but I could be wrong.A parts manual will help too.Is it a project or a runner?Iron head XL's are stone axes.Crude but effective tools for fun.Just take your time and spend the money to do it right and you'll enjoy your classic HD.
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    That brings back memories. My first Harley was an brand new 1970 XLCH bought just after high school graduation for $997. These were AMF bikes so I had couple of wiring problems right off but nothing serious. Rode that monster across the US and back that summer playing a combination of Easy Rider and Then Came Bronson. The bike was very quick and cornered like a demon on right turns but hated left turns. There was little on the bike that you couldn't adjust or replace with just 4 tools. Wish I still had it but it was stolen in 1973 by some real Hells Angles in San Rafael California.

    Good luck with your iron head sporty. Treat it right.
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    Ain't that just the weirdest thing?....mine corners really well on left handers but grounds the front silencer a little too easily on right turns....???
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    I use to hang out around San Rafael, Martinez, Concord.. COCO county with a few of the HA's>>> aah bring's back good and some bad memories...... Oh well life goes on.....