1966 m-50 hd

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  1. R. Lewis

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    looking for some feedback -- Found a 66 M-50 Harley for sale and it's all org. - red&white paint( needs a good buffing-no rust),engine,seat,gas cap,etc. The guy bought it new when he was a teen and it has 5,663 act. miles on it.Always been in a shed or a garage. He is asking $1 k for it. Has anyone seen or have any input on this? Deal or no deal ????


    adder - It will start and run.
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  2. maine-e-axe

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    I would think thats a good buy, they don't make them anymore and only made them a couple years and you know what $1k will buy you with HD on it, not much:lolrolling
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    That was my first HD. I hated that bike, I bought it for 50.00 and sold it for 75.00 and I thought I really ripped the guy off, I think he still has it must of been at least 35 years ago. The bike was in good condition, but too small and girly lookingl for me.