1961-62 original tank emblems

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  1. fastcamarors67

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    Anyone know the markings on the back of original 1961-62 gas tank emblems? I know the newer ones have HD on the back and the older ones from the 90's have eagle iron on the back. I have a set that has RB on the back and look to be very well made. They look to be old. The casting is very clean and the lines are sharp unlike a lot of aftermarket ones I see. Thanks.
  2. stikman

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    The only ones I have seen have HD cast into the back.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Eagle Iron was H D attempt at imported products from Taiwan, I have not seen any of these products for at least 15 years, they had their own separate parts catalog way back when Eagle iron | eBay You will still see some of this stuff on E bay