17 inch wheel alternatives for softtail

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    hey there,

    well ( EDIT )after months of snooping around reading some great tips and some bulldust i decided to drop in. I have started my first ever bike project and after getting married i was instructed that i must get rid of the ducati. well i just loved the v twin feel to much so i managed to get a pass to trade speed for chrome. so i did not have a huge amount of the folding stufff to part with, and figured well it is the natural evolution of all riders to do a project. so i found a 30% complete bike that suited my pocket, it was more frankenstien than anything else you might recognise, and I started. i have to say i have never enjoyed something so much! so my bike consists of a 1340 1997 evo, wide glide front, soft tail rear that has been changed to having the two visible springs/shocks and a new zealand made frame by don morrison that i am told best matched a FXE.

    i am trying for a cut back bobber look and want to put on 17 inch front and read wheels - most likely 17x5ish and 17x3isg front. This obviously puts me in the market for jappa sports bike wheels.

    what i am hoping you can tell me is what is the minimum jappa bike size (400cc 1000cc etc) that will give me a hub that will suit and handle the load?

    plus as a bonus you might know the wheels that will require the least axel/bearing/spacer work. aka closest fit and match.

    I have changed the front end to take twin disks (11.5 or 12 inch standard harley size) so if i can get away with same disk size and stud pattern for the disk that would help too.

    yes i know its a pretty talk ask, but on the off chance someone knows something that suits this or is darn close you would be helping me out alot.

    thanks and i am looking forward to your thoughts and experience.

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