150mm Tire on 2004 ElectraGlide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuddyK, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. BuddyK

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    Does anyone know if a 150/80/16 will fit on a 2004 Electra Glide? I'm got the stock wagon spoke wheels, and want to replace my MU85B16 with an Avon Venom. I know a 140/90B16 will fit but am not sure about the 150. Thanks for the help! :D
  2. Breeze3at

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    Buddy; This is just off the top of my head from reading a recent post. There is enough room in the swing arm for a 150, but the belt guard needs to come off, and a narrower belt has to be used. Don't take this as gospel though. :guitar
  3. BuddyK

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    Thanks for the info Breeze. That's what's so great about this site, all the knowledge that's available! :D
  4. texas tom

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    I recently installed a michellin commander 2 on my 07,140 mm is the same as a 85u (according to mich) I asked my friend who runs the little shop if a 150 would fit,he grabbed one we stuck it in there the 150 is almost touching the sides of the fender I would not chance it on my 07 any movement you would rub the fender.Also note this all 85u`s or 140mm are not all equal the mich comm 2 runs about 6 1/4 inch wide the metz runs small at about 1/2 inch less some 150`s might fit others may not,also be aware I ran pirelli night dragons loved the tire but I only got about 6-7 k on the rear those really soft tires dont get a lot of mileage on baggers ,now if you dont do that many miles good but I was replacing rears every six months,dont know about the mich`s time will tell..
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    Hi Buddy.
    I am running Avon Venom 150/80B16 on my old sled. She is upgraded, though:
    - Original frame & rear fender
    - 2002-up swingarm, rear wheel
    - 2007 pulley/belt/guard (1" wide)
    This works fine, and I could have squeezed in a wider tyre if it weren't for the tyre and fender clearance which is a bit tight.
    I am very happy with the performance - having finally found a tyre that keeps traction in the wet (note that I don't care about longevity, which may be poor).
    Another note: (At least here in Europe) the Avon Venom 150/80B16 comes in two versions, with different speed ratings and widths...
    Have a look here:
    Venom | Avon Tyres
  6. dbmg

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    The concern I would have, does the upgraded tire have the load rating of the MU85???? I would believe that with a lower load rating, you will loose tire mileage and carrying capacity.. Something that would not be a good idea on a Glide...